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Our application responds to a request more and more important: ensuring a strategic presence on Twitter

Our concept

Be present on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a regular and continuous basis thanks to Swello (previously ClockTweets), and share your information during strategic events. From now on, no need to be humanly presen behind your computer or smartphone!

Thanks to the Twitter API, everything is 100% secure and automated.

In addition, as a trusted service, we ensure up-to-the-minute publication of each Tweet, without displaying advertisement on the Twitter account in question. We believe in a quality, ergonomic and safe service.

The use of our service is simple:

  • 1 Accept the application
  • 3 Select the date
  • 2 Schedule your Tweets
  • 4 Get back to your business

The team

Jonathan's avatar
Jonathan Noble CEO - UX/UI Designer
Thibaud's avatar Avatar de Thibaud
Thibaud Spieser Co-founder - CTO
Thibaud's avatar Avatar de Thibaud
Kévin Brin Mobile developer

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