Recommend us and increase revenue
thanks to Swello's affiliate program

For each customer get a minimum of 8€ excl. tax!


It is an easy process:

  • Get your affiliate link from your affiliate page in your account.
  • Share your link with your community, on your blog, your newsletter, your website...
  • When a visitor subscribes to one of our paid plan within 14 days (after clicking your link) the sale will be attributed to you. (Please note that it will be validated 30 days after payment if there is no refund).
  • Check your balances on your affiliate page, you can find commissions waiting for validation, available funds and already transferred funds; updates might take up to 72h.

What are the commissions? How to proceed to checkout?

For each Medium plan you get 8€ excl. tax, for each Large plan, 28€ excl. tax.

You can ask for a transfer once you have reached 50€ excl. tax. You can choose to receive your commissions via bank transfer or to give them to a charity. In that last case, we will add 10%. You can also choose to divide your commissions between the bank transfer and the donation. We will do the transfer in 30 days.

Some essential rules:

  • You need to be a registered business in a European Union country, in Switzerland, in the United States or in Canada. (You are not in this list? Please contact us to see if we can add your to our affiliate program) ;
  • It is forbidden to place your affiliate link on a discount code website. If you do not follow this rule, we will not transfer your commissions and sales will not be attributed to you ;
  • We reserve the right to ban some users from our affiliate program. Trying to deceive your visitors or connecting our product to values which are not ours will lead to a ban ;
  • We reserve the right to shutdown our affiliate program or to change commissions without notice ;
  • You should not use your own affiliate link to subscribe to a plan ;
  • If an order seems to be a fraud, we reserve the right to reject the sale attribution.

Want to know more?

If you did not find, what you were looking for, please contact us via our contact form or the online chat that you can find on the bottom right corner of this page.

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