Swello vs. Buffer

You want to use a French alternative to Buffer?

Buffer is a regularly recommended tool for managing your social media post scheduling and tracking your stats. However, have you ever thought about opting for a French social media management platform? This article will allow you to compare these two tools and opt for the one that will suit you better!

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"Swello allows us to manage our social accounts efficiently. A team that is always present and a platform that is always evolving. "
Léa Bulteau
Community Manager – BDO France

Do your Monitoring from your social media management tool 🔎

Buffer will be a good tool to help you with scheduling posts and statistical reporting. We'll compare these two features in the following points of this article. However, you will notice that Buffer lacks one feature: Monitoring! Indeed, Swello integrates in addition to Scheduling and Analysis a monitoring feature called "Monitoring Dashboard" allowing you to follow trends on the topics of your choice.

Swello instantly offers you to choose from a panel of "public sources" including more than 600 RSS feeds. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can of course add your own sources such as new RSS feeds or social networks (Facebook, Instagram & Youtube).


Also, unlike Buffer, Swello allows you to stay informed about what's being said about you on the web and social networks through the "Alerts" feature of the Monitoring tool. Choose the sources you want to monitor, integrate the keywords that should be mentioned in the content you follow, and stay informed about your news! Performing your Monitoring via the Swello platform allows you to save even more time and share qualitative content to your different audiences in one click

Schedule your Posts with exclusive features 🎁

In addition to the Swello platform's more intuitive ergonomics and fully available in French, the little Frenchy also has exclusive features that you won't find on Buffer. Throughout your programming, the Quality Coach will advise you on the editing to adopt according to the social network on which you program.

Media management is a real strength on the French platform: shared content library, Unsplash and GIPHY partnerships, Swello Pixel for editing your most beautiful images and creating a multitude of templates. All these features are available directly from your Swello programming tool!


Also, unlike Buffer, Swello is LinkedIn Marketing Partner, which allows you to mention company pages from our tool (yes, yes, you read that right!). Often, Buffer's main strength lies in the ease of scheduling simultaneously on multiple social networks while differentiating them according to the codes to be applied for each. Good news, on Swello it is also possible to do this! Thanks to the "Simultaneous Scheduling" feature you can schedule the same content on as many social profiles as you want.

Two relevant and comprehensive analysis tools 📊

Both platforms offer a statistics tab for each of your social profiles. The data is almost equivalent for both: engagement rate, impressions, reach, number of clicks, number of new fans... Both tools allow you to export these statistics (in PDF, CSV or PNG format) in order to present them to your customers or within your company.
On Swello, the statistics are automatically included in your Large subscription starting from 29,90€ HT/month. On Buffer, you will have to add 35 to 50€ extra to your subscription to the publishing tool to access the statistics tool.

Responsive customer support in French! 💬

This is where it gets tricky, Buffer's support is only available in English (by email or through their social networks). The same goes for their website and their FAQ which are not translated into French. Swello support is not only available in French and English but also very responsive no matter what your subscription level is! Ask your questions via chat, email or phone. The FAQ is also available from the "Help Center" so you can find a wide range of questions.

All in all, Buffer and Swello offer two quality platforms with an interesting price-quality ratio. On the one hand, Buffer, a social network management tool in English covering only the Programming & Analysis functionalities. On the other hand, a French tool with intuitive ergonomics, integrating Monitoring, Programming and Analysis and with an unbeatable customer support!

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