Discover & analyze
your message's performance

Enjoy a clean dashboard with key numbers for all your social media profiles and Instagram Stories. Monitor their evolution and identify the content that generates the most interactions.

Clean dashboard

Key data from all your social media is displayed, along with a different graphs.

Date range

See your statistics over a period of time, ranging from 24 hours to 2 years.

Different export options

Create customized and high quality statistical reports in PDF, CSV or PNG format.

Find the key figures you need

Select the period and get the key figures of your social media profiles: number of posts, subscribers, reactions, shares, comments, reach or engagement rate based on an in-house algorithm.

That's not all! You can compare these numbers with the previous period in one click.

Discover your top 10 Posts.

Chiffres clés
Statistiques sous les Posts publiés

Refine your analysis over time

You can access your post history (for up to 2 years) by clicking on the Published Posts tab.

Underneath, you will find your interaction statistics (reactions, comments, shares, impressions… to get an overview of your statistics per Post.

Measure the performance of your Posts based on their type

For each social network, you'll find three graphs that allow you to analyze the impact of each Post:

  • The proportion of all types of Posts you have published (photos, Reels, articles with links, carousels, videos...);
  • The ratio of impressions to the type of Post to determine which format is most visible on your account. The total number of impressions is also displayed above the circular graph;
  • The ratio of engagement rate to the type of Post to understand which type engages your community the most.
Type de post

Track the performance of all your reduced links

The link reducer feature is fully customizable and allows you to create a shortened version of your URLs right from the platform.

Get accurate statistics on the impact of your links: number of clicks, origin, evolution, location

Réducteur de lien

The best part: export all your statistics in CSV format for more complete reports!

Enjoy powerful features such as:

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