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Swello vs. Agorapulse

You want to use an alternative to Agorapulse?

Today you are using Agorapulse and you want to keep working on a Made In France tool 🇫🇷. This article will allow you to compare these two tools and choose the one that will suit you better!

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"Easy to use, efficient and equipped with many features, Swello has revolutionized our organization and saved invaluable time!"
Isabelle Benoit
Community Manager – La Londe-les-Maures

A Made in France support for both tools!

For starters, both tools have French language support. However, it should be noted that Swello support is available by chat, email and even phone, regardless of the subscription you have signed up for. On the Agorapulse side, only email support is available in the first subscription level. To have support equal to the one available on Swello, it will be necessary to upgrade to the next subscription level. The invoice amount will be higher on Agorapulse to get the same level of support!

Save time by conducting your monitoring on Swello

On Agorapulse, all subscriptions offer access to the same features (monitoring, scheduling, analysis, community management...) with a different number of social profiles and users depending on the subscription level. It will not be possible to choose only the features that interest you. On Swello’s side, in order to let you choose the features you need for your activity and to allow you to subscribe to a package that perfectly suits your needs, the monitoring part is not automatically integrated in our different subscriptions.

The Veille Swello initially integrates public collections (they cover topics such as Finance, Politics, Marketing, Lifestyle...). These dense and qualitative public collections represent an undeniable simplicity and time saving: from your first connection you benefit from an adapted and quickly configured monitoring dashboard. They can then be completed by private collections (unlimited) with the addition of an RSS feed URL, an Instagram hashtag, a Youtube or Facebook profile.

Opt for an ideal scheduling tool with exclusive features!

Regarding scheduling, both tools have similar features such as Post preview tool or character counter adapted according to the chosen social network. On Swello and Agorapulse, it is also possible to access an editorial calendar to facilitate the sharing of your work and the eventual validation of your Tweets/Posts proposals. However, please note that Agorapulse applies an additional fee for each additional shared editorial calendar (19€ HT/additional calendar), which is not the case on Swello!

Prévisualisation de posts

In addition to these essential features, Swello offers you many other exclusive features. Thanks to the Swello Pixel image editor, customize your visuals directly from your programming tool: create templates, add filters, add logos, resize... time saving is guaranteed! 🔥

In addition to the image editor, the partnerships between Swello and Unsplash & Giphy allow access to high-quality and original content directly within the scheduling tool.

In addition to the image editor the partnerships between Swello and Unsplash & Giphy allow access to qualitative and original content directly from the scheduling tool. In addition to efficient media management, Swello supports you by advising you when creating your Tweets/Posts with the Quality Grade. An indicative grade ranging from the letter E to the letter A allowing you to quickly master the codes of each social network.

Your Quality Grade depends on your own statistics, so it accompanies you in a personalized way in your social media strategy. 🚀

Comprehensive statistics for both tools

Statistiques Statistiques

The statistical aspect is crucial for generating high-quality reports at the end of the month, quarter, or year. 📈 Thanks to Swello or Agorapulse, you will have comprehensive statistics that will make report generation very easy for you.

However, for both tools, the data retention period is not the same depending on the subscription. With Swello, you can retain your data for 2 years (with the 29.9€/month plan), while with Agorapulse, you would need to subscribe to the 159€/month plan to have the same data retention.

Furthermore, on both tools, these data are accompanied by graphs to make them more visual. You can export all these statistics in PDF and .CSV formats or download a single graph in PNG format.

Finally, on both tools, you can compare your statistics with those of your competitors: on Twitter for Swello, on Facebook for Agorapulse. However, on the latter, the number of competitors to be analyzed is limited to 1 (count 5€ HT extra for a competitor), while it's again unlimited on Swello.

A significant pricing advantage for Swello

From a pricing point of view, Swello is aimed at all communicators. The tool has two general public subscriptions (Medium and Large) and subscriptions adapted to companies corresponding 100% to your needs in order to leave you the freedom to manage your service according to your expectations and objectives. On the Agorapulse side, the first plan is €79/month and the features are restricted depending on the subscription. 💸

In conclusion, you can now choose between two Made in France social networking platforms! 🇫🇷

Either way, it all depends on your needs, your desires and the strategy you want to deploy on social networks. On the one hand, Agorapulse offers tiered pricing with restricted access to each feature depending on the subscription. On the other, Swello's modular pricing structure and constantly evolving platform mean it can adapt to your needs and requirements, depending on the rate and service you require. 😍

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