Editorial Calendar

Organize, customize & share your editorial calendar

Social media management is a complex task that calls for simple tools to become more effective. Discover our ergonomic and user-friendly editorial calendar to make your life easier..

Synthetic calendar view
View all your drafts, scheduled and pending posts in a monthly calendar view.

Marronniers, events and notes
Each year, more than 400 Marronniers are added to your calendar, along with your own events and notes.

Easy to share
Share your editorial calendar with your team or clients who don't have a Swello account in a single click.

Calendrier éditorial

This tool allows you to access a complete calendar view of your drafts, scheduled and pending posts. But that's not all, you can also find the 2024 Marronniers and add your own events so that you don't miss a single opportunity to communicate on your social media channels!

This feature also simplifies communication with your team & clients with the sharing option. You can create a sharing link to give access to your calendar to people who don't have a Swello account.

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