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Swello Pixel

An image editor included in your scheduling tool

Swello Pixel allows you to create beautiful images directly from our platform

Gone are the days when you would go to Google to find your visual, then use Photoshop to create it! Swello Pixel allows you to create high-quality visuals adapted to social media using the tools and image banks provided. Boost your e-branding by adding your logo on your images or by creating templates that will be automatically saved on your Swello account.

As an added bonus, you can save your creations in your shared library, so that your entire team can easily find/re-use them.

Discover Swello Pixel
Discover Swello Pixel The free version is available without registration

Discover more than 10 features designed for communicators

  • Format : resize your images according to the target social media ;
  • Images : import your logo (SVG, PNG, JPG), your own visual or select an image from Unsplash;
  • Emojis : add SVG emojis to your designs ;
  • Templates : save & reuse your designs to keep a coherent editorial line;
  • Layers : lock/classify/prioritize the different elements of your design ;
  • Filters : add color filters to your images (black & white, sepia, new-york...);
  • Adjustments : change the contrast, saturation, opacity of your image (and much more) ;
  • Text : add text on your image (several colors & Google Fonts are available) ;
  • Shapes : create simple shapes (circles, rectangles...);
  • Import/save : schedule your masterpiece, save it (or not) in your library or export it in JPG or PNG format.
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