GDPR & Security


Swello takes your security very seriously and we strive to ensure this through various measures. Our infrastructure and code are validated by external security audits and analysed by risk reduction tools. Our team is aware and trained. Most of the data is hosted in France, on SecNumCloud servers or, if necessary, in Europe (more information). In addition, we offer several features to increase the security level of each Swello account, such as multi-factor authentication. Finally, events related to our service are monitored by an external security partner.


Like security, personal data is a priority for us. We collect only the necessary information, which is then stored for the most part on servers in France, or if necessary, in Europe. We are supported in order to question ourselves and improve our processes. If you have any questions about the GDPR, please write to dpo [@] swello [dot] com or visit our privacy policy.