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Simultaneous scheduling

Schedule all your social media posts in one click

Swello's simultaneous scheduling allows you to schedule the same message on all your social media channels in one click. No need to write your Facebook post on our platform, then copy/paste it in Linkedin and Twitter.

In practical terms, all you have to do is select the social media profiles on which you want to publish (no limitations, except for Twitter, which is limited to 1 profile) and prepare your message. Add text, media, date/time and click on "schedule". That's it, you just scheduled your post on several social media profiles in one click!

Simultaneous scheduling

Some tips before using simultaneous scheduling

From a strategic point of view, publishing an identical message on all your social media channels isn't always a good idea. In fact, a message designed for your Facebook community won't be suitable for your Linkedin or Twitter communities. The codes and content of the message can vary from one social media to another. A little bit of personalization is recommended. You can add a few hashtags or mentions to your messages thanks to our draft feature.

A very useful feature if you want to develop an Employee Advocacy program

To do this, write a single message across your chosen social media profiles (on your team's LinkedIn profiles, for example). Then save it as a draft. All your ambassadors will be able to find this message and customize it according to their community and the social network they're about to post on.

This feature is also loved by franchises that want to simultaneously post the same message across multiple pages.

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