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Team management

A collaborative platform to facilitate teamwork

Define your team members' roles

Use the hierarchy system to create and organize your team from Swello.

Team Management

Can invite, delete & assign different permissions to team members. He/she can also manage all the social media profiles of the team.

Is the main administrator, in charge of financial aspects.

Can add/refresh social media profiles and perform whatever the administrators allow them to do.

Define the role of each member on your team, for each social media profile

Team roles

Can schedule, edit and delete pending posts. Has the same rights as the editor on calendar events and statistics.

Can see scheduled posts, but also create, edit and delete drafts. He can't validate them, nor modify Posts waiting to be published. He has access to the calendar (can create, edit and delete events) and statistics.

Can see scheduled and published posts and drafts, but cannot edit them. He also has access to the calendar (but can't create events) and to the statistics.

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