Instagram scheduling

Save time and productivity on Instagram

Our platform helps you on a daily basis to boost your Instagram strategy with many features present on our ergonomic dashboard.

Programmation Instagram

Directly schedule your publications

Whether it's a Post with a simple photo, a carousel or a Reel videos, the Instagram API allows us to directly publish your posts.

Write your description, add a location, search for relevant hashtags from the text library, preview your Post and you're done!

Another advantage is that you can also schedule Stories via notifications, you will receive a reminder on your phone at the scheduled publication time.

Preview your Instagram feed with drag and drop

With our drag and drop functionality, you can arrange and reschedule your posts so that they appear seamlessly on your profile.

Feed Instagram

Extra feature: The editorial calendar allows you to visualize your draft posts, scheduled posts, and upcoming social media calendar events to inspire you when needed.

Analyze the performance of your posts

Thanks to our 'Communities' tab available on each social network, you can easily find the KPIs (key performance indicators) of your Instagram account that you want to track over a maximum period of one year (365 days)!


Whether it's the number of subscribers, 'likes', comments, check-ins, impressions, profile views and engagement rate of your profile.

You can choose the period of your choice! You can even compare it to an earlier period! You will also find a graph with a time curve to analyse your growth at a glance.

Analyse top/flop

A little extra that helps you quickly understand what your community likes: a Top/Flop ranking of your best Posts. Want to download your statistics? It's possible in .PNG, .CSV, and .PDF formats, which is perfect for your monthly reporting needs!

Analyze your Stories statistics

Tracking publication statistics is great, but analyzing Instagram Stories data is even better!

In the "Stories" tab, you can have a summary of the number of drops, impressions, people reached, total Stories posted and the number of people who moved to the previous/next Story.

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