Swello VS Meltwater

Are you interested in using a French substitute for Meltwater ?

This comparison will help you determine which platform is best suited to your needs.

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« Very practical tool, which adds new features that keep pace with the developments of social networks, coupled with an attentive team. »
Sophie Renard
Communication Officer – Lyon Bar Association, Order of lawyers.

Choose a scheduling tool with exclusive features!

Both platforms offer an editorial calendar. However, Swello stands out with a shareable calendar, perfect even for those without a Swello account. Imagine the time saved! 😍

Moreover, directly integrated, you will find 400 editorial themes, your posts - whether they are scheduled, in draft, or already published, your customized events, and your valuable notes.

For Meltwater? While qualitative, their calendar is not accessible with a simple click from the sidebar, requiring a few detours.

Comparatif Swello et Meltwater

Swello doesn't just provide you with basic features. The Quality Coach, exclusive to Swello, is your ally in ensuring that each post is optimized for maximum performance. 🚀

And for Instagram enthusiasts? Meltwater still doesn't offer direct scheduling of Stories as of August 2023. Swello does!


Both platforms offer you a content library. However, Meltwater is limited to photos and videos. Swello, on the other hand, goes further by providing you the ability to integrate texts, lists of hashtags, and even gifs. The bonus? With Swello, your library is directly synchronized with scheduling, eliminating redundant steps.

Swello also integrates media partnerships with Unsplash and Giphy, providing you with a wide range of images at your fingertips.

Insightful statistics to fine-tune your strategy

The importance of rigorous analysis cannot be underestimated, especially when every social media post matters. Whether you choose Swello or Meltwater, rest assured that you are aiming for quality. The tools have ensured that you have detailed statistics at your fingertips to create high-precision reports – whether it's monthly, quarterly, annually, or over any customized period.

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💡 Crucial indicators for a sharp strategy

With these two platforms, not only do you monitor the growth of your subscribers, but you also dive deeply into:

  • Engagement of each post and the average engagement rate of the account. Bonus on Swello, you will also have engagement based on the type of post published (Photo, carousel, etc.)
  • Impressions: How many people have really seen your content?
  • Interactions: How many took action, clicking on your links?"
  • Top/Flop: Which content resonates with your audience, and which ones need to be rethought? (only available on Swello)

📈 Visualize your impact

These crucial data are not just numbers. They come to life through clear and intuitive charts, allowing you to instantly visualize your successes and areas for improvement.

💼 Professional reports within everyone's reach

The need to share this data is crucial, especially for teams and stakeholders. That's why, whether you're on Swello or Meltwater, you can export all these valuable statistics in convenient formats such as PDF, CSV, or PNG. A professional presentation, ready in just a few clicks.

Statistiques Meltwater

Meltwater offers a plus with an in-depth analysis of your advertising campaigns, focusing on ad management and ad performance.

French support for both tools

Both tools provide you with well-structured assistance, including a comprehensive FAQ and a Chat with a real person. You're never alone with your questions, an answer is always within reach. 💬

However, in order to get support equivalent to Swello's (email, chat, phone, and dedicated account manager), with Meltwater you'll need to choose the "Premium Support" option, which comes with a quite expensive additional cost.

At Swello, assistance is taken seriously. Whether through social networks, chat, email, or phone call, the team is there to help you promptly. Swello is committed to addressing your needs within a maximum timeframe of 72 hours (business days). ⏰

4,9/5 Rating obtained on Trustpilot
1,63 Average number of responses to solve a ticket
21h Average ticket resolution time

In conclusion, both tools offer comparable services at accessible prices. If you're looking for a tool that offers a wide variety of social networks, Meltwater might be the one for you. On the other hand, if you're seeking a tool with a user-friendly interface, developed in France and designed to simplify your social media management, Swello will delight you! 🥰 To top it off, the highly personalized support can assist you in case of any issues.

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