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The little extras

On Swello, some features are optional and can be activated according to your needs. This allows us to test and see if you like some features before making them available to everyone... Welcome to our Labs page!


The Pending Posts indicator

A small orange dot in the left-hand column of your affiliated social media profiles lets you know how many posts are pending.

And that's not all! There are a few little extras hidden on the platform

Email alerts in case of error messages

You can be notified in real time if your Posts can't be published (it happens rarely, we promise). Server or token errors (link between the social media channel, your social media profile & Swello) or other errors related to the failure of a particular social media channel will be sent to you by email. These alerts will give you the reason of the error and/or precious tips so that it doesn't happen again.

White label statistics export

On Swello, all your statistics exports are available in white label format. You can add your logo or your customers' logo to your statistics exports in PDF format. This feature is available as an add-on, so contact us to get it!

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